Briefcase or No Briefcase

Today I feel so lighthearted & content. I guess a short week combined with the sunshine will do that for you!
Over the weekend was Pennie’s birthday and I “tried” to surprise her with an event, but nowadays those never workout. Regardless we still had a wonderful time at Shabusen ( read my o1goodgirl review here: ), playing laser tag ( I came in 3rd place, pew pew!) and having dessert at a late night Richmond joint. Other than that the past few days have been Briefcase or No Briefcase (O.C refrenece).  It’s been super relaxing and much-needed. I have been watching a lot of television, O.C mainly and I even caught an old favourite, She’s All That.  Tonight will be more of that going on and then off to a very busy week.
Tomorrow is our 4th week playing Volleyball as Arm& Hammer. The funny thing is this will be the first week that our original team will be playing together without subs or missing persons. There’s something really awesome about playing volleyball in a huge open grass field with your friends at Central Park =) Then my fabulous cousin A, got us tickets to….Eclipse!! The 2nd night it is out! I can’t even contain my excitement!! Team Edward ❤
Followed by the next day where I lug my lawn chair to Lilith Fair starring Sarah Mclachan, Erica Badu, Colbie Caillat and more empowering women at Ambleside to celebrate Canada Day!  And ending my week in a perfect way  by participating in 3 full fledge days of Miss BC pageant activities and then the pageant of course.
So I am going to revel in my last day of Briefcase or No Briefcase =)

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