A stop by in LA – LDR

I frequent on airline websites now – it’s a LDR trait I think. I try to find good deals to be able to visit J.
The second last week of August, I booked on a whim to LA because even though we were seeing one another the following week in Vegas, I needed some “us” time.

I once heard this story of a LDR couple who met online and only saw one another on vacations and they were happily with one another. Yet when they finally made the big move to be with each other, they realized they weren’t compatible at all because it was ‘real life’ situations they dealt with and not just vacation activities.
Obviously it’s different here because J and I were with one another for a year before he moved but I can see the truth in that. You have to bring it back down to the ground and just be with each other doing regular couple things.

(Taken at the Walt Disney Concert Hall)

Let me just insert that airlines need to get their act together. Coming and going had delayed flights (major) without any compensation to the guest (United Airlines and Air Canada).
As always, seeing J is a little nerve wrecking. Most of the time it feels like I am dating a ‘voice’ as we don’t Skype often. There is a tiny insecurity that perhaps he won’t reciprocate my feelings or things between us will be awkward. Yet all that disappears upon the first hug.

As per tradition, we had Honey Walnut Prawns – still the best ever. We first had it with our first visit to LA, you can read about in this post here.
I find it amusing and reassuring how easily couples can find their rhythm again in a short amount of time as if you hadn’t been apart. You reach for one another on instinct and the rest just falls together. Happiness!

We went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and I recommend everyone go!
**If you buy online 24hrs before or 3 days before, you receive a discounted price. $40 vs $60
I don’t think the fear for me is heights or how extreme a ride is, I think it is safety. Six Flags felt super safe and it made all the rides enjoyable. It’s a great park filled with more than enough rides to keep you there the entire day.
My favourite ride was Tatsu – awesome thrill.
The line ups can tend to be long so perhaps map out your rides instead of wandering around.

The other neat thing we had a chance to do was go to a live taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. You can click on the link to reserve free tickets. It was quite easy as you just state the date you want to attend and they send you a reservation ticket. You must arrive at least 2 hours before the show to ensure you get a seat!
He is quite funny and the production was something in itself to see! He interviewed Maya Rudolph (Bridesmaids) and Jeff Foxworthy (Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?).
**Bring a sweater, they crank up the air conditioning
No cameras were allowed but we did manage to snap this:

After being star struck by seeing Jay Leno in person we were inspired to go and find the famous Hollywood sign.
After driving and driving and then driving up a very curvy and narrow hill we reached as close as you can to the sign.
They have gated the entrance as tourists were being disrespectful or it was dangerous to have people up there late at night unsupervised. I don’t  know. It’s strange because they have it located in a neighbourhood! Anyway this is as close as we got:

The absolute highlight of the trip was being able to visit J’s school and attend the current Grad Show.
After months of him talking about his school, where he works and what they do – my imagination can only stretch so much. I got to see firsthand his haunts and now I can visualize everything he shares with me. This is what I share my boyfriend with this, this building! The work done here is very creative and inspiring so I know that this is where he needs to be for now.

What is a trip without good eats? One of the places we went to was Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. It was very busy when we went and it is exactly what the name entails. Chicken and waffles. We ordered the Chill Cheese Kaiser Bun to start….so good. 8.5/10.
Followed by our own waffle plates, everything was under $12 and it tasted fulfilling and satisfying:

It was a very relaxing and chill trip with us exploring LA (thanks to Trip Advisor’s top 10 to see list!). Although seriously LA, you are TOO hot! It gave us a chance to spend quality time together and not miss out on those summer nights. Saying goodbye this time was not as hard because we knew in just a week, we’d be in Vegas together.


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