My face & all that it entails

Skin regiment:
My skin, as mentioned in previous posts, is not the best. It is allergic to many things, it is dry and I use to have a bad case of acne. Previously, I’ve tried Clinique, Mary Kay, Pro-Activ, & just about every drug store brand but for the last year I’ve been using Vichy ‘s Purete Thermal line and I absolutely love it.  It has a nice light scent with provided moisturizing ingredients that I need as my face tends to lean towards the dry side.

** I usually purchase at Shoppers Drugmart on 20x the pts event so I can rack up my points as it meets the $50+ category.
 Cleanser: It is cleansing milk which moisturizes and cleans gently with no irritation.
Exfoliant: Done about twice a week, it is strong and I feel that it removes majority of impurities.
Toner: Refreshing and does not leave my skin stinging.
Moisturizer: Very light and smooth so it leaves a nice clean feel underneath your makeup instead of a heavy cream.
Total cost: $130

 I wasn’t “allowed” to wear make-up in high school until grade 10! By that time, most of my peers have already mastered their techniques but I was struggling with my fear of poking my eye with an eyeliner. Anyhow, with a few good friend’s advice, I became more at ease at putting on make-up. This routine only takes about 10 minutes and I feel presentable.

Here is my main set of make-up I use.  I have collected so many samples and other random buys but they will not fit in my make-up bag so these are the ones I primarily use.
To start with:
 01. BB Cream by Magical. (Beauty Balm) $7
I wear as base #3 and use #1 for my triangle of light. I am a big fan of this foundation as it is so light and yet it seems to do such a great job of evening out my skin, creating a softer look without the dryness that most liquid foundations are associated with.

02. Powder FX M60 with SPF 10 $16
After the base I like to dab powder foundation to create a matte look. It is very subtle but instead of dewy, my face feels set properly. (Also makes a good compact mirror!)

03. Naked eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay $45
I received this as a gift from my boyfriend’s lovely sister and I am so happy I have it. I admire that the colors are very neutral for a day look but if you wanted something for the evening, they blend very well.

04. Urban Decay Eye Primer (included in the palette)
Perhaps because my skin is dry, without this primer my eye shadow would not make it past noon. I like that this is a wand and you can apply directly without getting it messy on your finger tips. It makes the colours more intense and helps my eye shadow last through the day.


05. Baby Bliss Lip Balm $4
I cannot express how much I love this lip balm. I am allergic to brands like Softlips & Chapstick, my lips get huge! Anyhow I was using Vaseline until I discovered Babybliss. This product leaves the lips moisturized, shiny and without being heavy as to not leave any residue. It can be worn under lipstick to enhance the glossiness or by itself to leave a healthy shiny lips look.

06. Mac Cremesheen Glass (Fashion Scoop) $20
I saw a girl in my class wear this colour and I liked how it looked very femine and sweet. Yet it did not have the same effect on me. It’s a bit sticky and even though I like the colour, I only wear it if I am taking photos to create a shinier colour.

07. Maybeline Eraser Dark Circles $9
Another favourite of mine! I wear this to cover my dark circles (raccoon eyes!) and I find it very effective. The sponge brush at the top allows for easy application and it covers the area evenly. You do not need to use a lot so its been a very good buy.

08. Maybeline Volume Express Mascara $9

I am not a fan of mascara as I usually have eyelash extensions but when I do wear mascara, I lean towards Maybeline as their mascara seems to be less goopy and easier to apply.

09. Mac Blush
I am not sure how I came about this blush but I do like the way it makes my cheeks look like a natural blush rather than blotches. The powder seems to stick better with my foundation and usually only one application in the morning is needed.
10. Tweezerman Tweezers $6
Best tweezers are made by this company! The point is sharp and angled to pluck hairs without pain and has a great grip.

11. Lise Water Lip Liner $10

I use to think lip liners were tacky and old school. Yet if they are done subtly and blend well with your lipstick they can really give your lips wonderful definition.

12. Revlon Colour Stay Eyeliner $8
Eye liner is the most important item in my make up bag – you’ll never see me without it. I do not like pencil or liquid so I’ve been using what they call crayon. It does not need sharpening and has a softer more thick look. I use Brown often because I feel it brings out the colour of my eyes!

13. Smashbox Brunette Brow Powder $25
There was a time I did nothing with my eyebrows and then I discovered eyebrow powder. Amazing how it can transform your entire look with an angled brush and light powder.

I actually know only the basics of make-up and I am interested in learning more perhaps through Youtube videos or attending a class. I believe it is fun, artistic and can be very satisfying to your confidence.
To the left is a birthday present I received from my generous Auntie Angela.
My very first brush set.
Doesn’t that look AMAZING? Now to learn how to use it will be the exciting part!

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