Miss BC 2010 Pageant

There’s a reason for the world, you & I.
I just had the honour of spending the past weekend with the most inspiring young women of BC.
This weekend was the Miss BC 2010 pageant.  46 Delegates from all over BC gathered in Fort Langely to compete for the Miss BC title. Oddly as the weekend went by, none of us remembered this was a competition, we were having too much of a good time getting to know one another.

Friday July 03 –
 We all arrive at Chief Sepass at noon where we first meet one another. We were given name tags & water bottles (which came in handy all weekend) upon check in. The room is buzzing with excitement and friendly greetings. We got to meet our coordinators; former Mr.Canada 2007, Darren S and Christy, who is the most dedicated and wonderful. Our icebreaker was  called the “Heart & Soul” event and that’s truly what it was. There was 1min30secs to introduce yourself and share an experience or quote that inspires you. I am positive what we shared in that room was on a deeper level that reflects our soul. There were a lot of kleenex passed around and I felt inspired. When it came to my turn, I shared what defines me as of now: Unwritten. I shared my faith that when I hold that pen in my hand and have a blank page before me – anything is possible, anything can happen, I am the author, and I write my own life.
Our first workshop was Self Confidence. It was really amazing because I learned how to decipher human behaviour and dubbed myself the name Victorious Vanessa! We got a chance to stretch and move around after with our Walking workshop. Taught by a proffessional instructor, we learned the model pose and the walk  (it totally reminded me of ANTM!). After being served a delicious dinner we had the pleasure of attending the Talent Show some of the delegates were participating in. It was so neat to see the creativity of all the delegates. This was followed by our first dance practice taught by the wonderful Alexis, former BC Lions Cheerleader.
July 04 – An early start today at 8:30am, the girls gathered for our Self-Defense workshop. Talk about wowie. I learned not just how to defend myself physically but how to prevent myself from being in situations that can potentially harm me. “STAND BACK!”
This was followed by lunch, McDonald Salads, yum.  The next workshop was Public Speaking. We were taught how to answer interview questions articulately and intelligently. We jumped right into our Etiquette workshop next. You can’t imagine how many “proper” ways there is to do things. From setting up a proper place setting on the table to taking off your jacket.
We were served a very yummy dinner where we got to relax and mingle but not for long. After dinner was a 5 hour rehearsal for our opening dance number and our evening gown formations.
Sunday July 05 – I couldn’t believe it was already the 3rd and last day in. I arrived at the theater early to get my hair and make up done.  I stepped out of my shell and decided on an updo and stay  with natural makeup which was done fantastically by my artist. The girls were nervous about the private interviews with the judges so we all helped each other by doing practice questions. I really enjoyed listening to the other girls’ answers as they were so different from mine and it gave me a new view on life. The thing about having a “V” and “T” in your name is your always last for everything. So I was last for the interview that afternoon. Was I nervous? Yes. But I decided to shake it out and just be honest and to be myself. We got questions about the HST, the Oil spill, future aspirations and etc. I felt confident about my answers and glad it was time to head to the fun part, the pageant show! It was a soldout event and for the first time ever, it was being televised! The show consisted of our opening dance number, the sponsor costumes/introductions, a sportswear demo and an evening gown presentation. It seems as though it just flew by we were having so much fun. I represented Mary Kay for my sponsor costume, a Capoeria demo and my purple evening gown. They announced the our Miss BC group had raised $32,000 for our charity Cops for Cancer. Talk about amazing!!  When they narrowed it down to the top 12 and my name was announced I was floored. I felt so proud that I had made it. The top 12 were each given an on stage interview question. Mine was: If you were to publish a novel what would you write about? To my recollection, my answer went something like this:
“I would write about anything from non fiction to fiction as long as it gets people reading. I love reading and so I find reading and writing goes hand in hand. I believe that literature is very important in today’s youth and I’d love to have a hand in that.”
All the girls had awesome answers and did fabolous. We had open mic on stage and we had a chance to hear some of the girls’ address the group on what they learned and how close we’ve become. It was also a very teary moment!  The time came for the title holders to be crowned.

I am very proud to say that I am the new Miss Fraser Valley of BC 2010!

I want to say thank you to all those who have supported me either with words of encouragement, your monetary donations or listening to my ideas. As Miss Fraser Valley I have the honour to represent the communities of Surrey, Maple Ridge, Richmond, Delta, Langely & Coquitlam. I will be attending community events, promoting positive attitudes in youth, striving for a better community and raising money for charities. I feel like this is going to be an amazing year to come. I look forward to working with and congratulate the other regional title winners and Miss BC.
I’ve been so blessed to meet and befriend 45 other beautiful young women who want to make the world a better place and inspired me.  The truth is all the girls on the stage that night deserved the crown for the gold in their hearts and their vision for the world. Everybody was a winner this weekend.
For more information on the winners, contestants or to apply for Miss BC for 2011, visit their website:


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