LDR – 6 months update

More than anything….I just want a hug.

A few days ago, we passed the 6 month mark of sustaining our long distance relationship. (cyber happy dance!)
To be honest, it seems at times its contradicting. On one hand I feel time has just flew by and on the other I could say that it’s been dreadfully long. In reality, we’ve only spent 2 weeks physically together and probably a bagillion hours on the phone.
My thoughts? I feel like… a stronger person.
Patience. Typically, I enjoy instant gratification. Got to have it now. Yet this arrangement has taught me to be patient. I am patient that I will not always get to speak with him whenever I want, I am patient that I have to wait and see him when its appropriate timing for both of us and I am patient that this situation isn’t going to change in the near future.
Trust. Okay I am still working on this one BUT ironically I’ve made progress from where I started. I am naturally a territorial person and linked with the trait to want to know everything = bad, bad. Yet there have been times where we aren’t connected but I just trust him that everything is as he says.
Balance. Yes he and I are important in each other lives but we remember that we have other responsibilities, friends and family as well. Being in a LDR helps to make more time to concentrate on other aspects of your life.
At times I feel like I am just dating a ‘voice’ but the conversations that we have are so high in quality that I feel very much fulfilled as if this is a full-fledged relationship and I am not missing anything.
There are days that are hard or when I have to remind myself that he is not here but that’s when I’ll send him a text. I get a witty reply and all is right in the world.
I still stand by what I say that LDR’s are only meant to be endured for the short-term therefore I am currently putting actions in place so we can be together once again ❤

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