It’s your birthday? Go to Vegas!

Vegas, home to everything outrageous, sinful and fun. What else can you ask for when you celebrate a birthday milestone?

J turned the big 30 this September and he invited his very best friends to celebrate with him. It was perfect actually as flights on  Allegiant are dirt cheap from Bellingham and he, being in Los Angeles, is a mere 4 hours drive away from Vegas. We went just after Labour Day long weekend and missed the last summer party go-ers. (Not to mention the hotels were significantly cheaper too because of that).

Planet Hollywood:  rating 7.8/10
I spent a lot of time on Trip Advisor picking a hotel for this trip as I wanted it to be special for J. In the end, we compromised on budget and luxury. We picked Planet Hollywood for the No Resort Fees (these fees are ridiculous, $25/day), location (right in the middle of the strip!) and its price ($55/night from Expedia).
I stayed at the Venetian previously and while it was more grand, it was deteriorating. Seems like PH just had renovations done as the rooms were up to date, clean and the design was appealing.
The only qualm I had was a) there were no locks on the bathroom door (wtf) b) it could use a bit more gimmick in the rooms

The first night we arrived (HOT, next time going in March!), we had dinner a D.O.C.G at the Cosmo hotel. It was a trendy restaurant with brick walls and low lighting. The menu is Italian and specialized in pizza, pasta and breads. I had the Fried Calamari and Arugula Salad. It was underwhelming for me and expensive. The others’ at our table enjoyed their pizzas, so I suggest that is what you order should you visit.

Afterwards we had an offer for ‘open bar’ at the club/restaurant Koi. I believe it may be newer. It’s a small venue with more sitting booths than dance space. The music is bumping and great if you like 90’s hip/hop rap. The only thing about this place is its unknown, so the crowd was sparse (which I am guessing why they promoted open bar) and you have these ugly coloured cups they give you as well as wrist bands.

Afterwards to continue our negotiating with the promoters on the street, we got free round trip limo service to Treasures as well as bottle service for $50/pp. What I learned is…one really can’t drink THAT many hi-balls. You either do shots or you nurse a drink. Treasures was very chill and I’d recommend going if you don’t want to be hassled or taken for your money like many of the other venues try and do.

The following day, I finally had Earl of Sandwich as J claims that is the BEST sandwich he has ever had. It was quite busy with all the line ups. I had the Italian and tried some of the Full Montagu. The ingredients are warm/gooey and taste nice. Do I think it’s the BEST sandwich I ever had? No. It’s good because its opened 24hrs and for the price $7? It’s a good bet!
To showcase how much he loves his sandwich, here is his face when he was eating it. (He probably hates me because I posted this up)

To celebrate his birthday, we went to 1 Oak. As we taxi’ed there (and I am telling this story cause I a bit taken aback), our cab fare was $9.50 and I gave the driver $10. He looks at me and says “Did you not enjoy the service?” Confused, I nodded that I did because he got us there in one piece. He says “Well, then why you no tip me more? I have a family to feed you know and I work long shifts”. Um whoa. All you did was drive us for a few minutes from point A to B. Okay, so I give him an extra couple of bucks. But serious dude? Vegas is so blunt.
Anyway, 1 Oak is a trendy and spacious venue. We had table service for the first part of the night and I thought the service was very good and efficient. The music and crowd were good and altogether I give it a thumbs up. Watch out when they release the confetti periodically as it goes into your drink. Like ew, paper in my vodka?
Word of advice, be careful of who your promoters are and what they are trying to sell you!
At the end of the night, my man was happily drunk and so I deem that a successful birthday bash.

Happy 30th Birthday J ❤

We spent the next day at Hoover Dam. The drive was about 25 minutes and it was ah-mazing! There are lots of tours you can do, helicopter, bus or boat but we just decided to check it out for ourselves. The only $$ you have to pay is for parking ($7) and if you’d like to go on the guided tour ($13) but other than that it is free to walk around and enjoy the view. I think I enjoyed it so much because it was man-made and just to see what has been created, why and how. Highly recommend it!

As for the rest of the eating, we succumbed to the 24hrs Buffet! They’ve increased the price to $44.99 (with a Total Rewards card) but I still think it’s the best deal you can possibly get in Vegas! We only managed to go 2 buffets (too hot to walk anywhere else!) Paris and Planet Hollywood. Go early, lineups are long! Don’t drink too much, skip the salad and go straight for meat and dessert!

We spent the last night of Vegas just wandering the streets walking for hours and back, just J & I. It was one of our most fun dates. Visiting each hotel and checking out the gimmicks and what it has to offer. Observing the people on the street all dolled up or promoters selling everything. The free water and light shows. Vegas is a fun place to be.

Although this trip was a whirlwind of fun it was also bittersweet. When J & I said goodbye, it meant we will not be seeing each other again till Christmas. CHRISTMAS. Whew that a lot for my head to wrap around. Either way, the 1memories we made on this trip hopefully will stay strong in my mind to get me thru the time. (boo hoo me)

Oh…and yes I gambled. No I did not win. Sigh.
**Pictures to come


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