Whistler, it’s better in the summer!

For the last weekend of summer, my Auntie A (the trip planner of our family) had arranged for us to be in Whistler!
I often forget how lucky I am to live in Canada and have all this natural beauty just a couple of hours from us.
**If you are visiting British Columbia, it’s a highly suggested tourist attraction as many of our Olympics events took place there
Whistler, as I thought of it before, was home to snowboarding, skiing, tubing and all things winter related. I was curious to see what would be offered in the summer.

There were 17 of us and we were booked at the First Track Lodge, which is about a 5 minute drive to the Whistler Village. It was absolutely gorgeous! Each suite had 2 bedrooms, den, full kitchen, 2 bathroom (heated tiles!), sofa beds and  a patio. Oh and free wi-fi….you got to have that!
**Images are from website – it looked exactly like this

We stayed a total of 2 nights and cut cost down by bringing our own food, alcohol and entertainment. It’s awesome to go with your family because even though you are in your twenties, you are still considered as a ‘kid’ therefore everything is pretty much taken care of for you.
For example, my aunties made sure before we headed out to the pool or wandering around that we were well fed. We had spam, bread, gyoza, noodle soup, pasta, fruits and eggs!

The next day we spent by the pool and organized a bike ride. There are many bike rental places and we settled for a place that charged $22 for 2 hours. It was a fun physical activity and it allowed us to explore more of Whistler in a short amount of time. There are many trails (easy to difficult) and along the way there were scenic views of the mountain, lakes and parks. The village is buzzing with live entertainment, shopping, fresh corn stands and activity booths for adults and children!

As I always said, life is better when kids are around. My youngest cousins B&E came to visit from Edmonton and that was the highlight of everything! Not only are they the most adorable girls you’ve ever seen, they bring fun and energy that is irresistible.
Being with family is important and as we grow older it seems like it gets harder and harder to make time. That is why I am grateful to have a family trip coordinator. Even if the destination you choose is merely a couple of hours away, try to make time for one another because family is forever.

Oh and I also got very, very addicted to Fruit Ninja during this trip. What is Fruit Ninja you ask? GO, go download it now on your smartphone. That’s all I have to say.

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