I have an addictive personality…and Eyelash Extensions are definitely high on the addictive list. I’ve been getting them done for a few years now, mostly for vacations, and I absolutely love them! I have a lot of people who ask about them and I definitely recommend trying them at least once.
Eyelash Extensions

What ARE Eyelash Extensions? They are not your drugstore disposable eyelash falsies.
Eyelash extensions, made out of either human hair or synthetic material, are attached (glued) to your natural eyelashes for enhancement of a longer, fuller and darker look. They generally last anywhere from a week to a month depending on how you take care of them.

Where to start? Firstly, you choose the type of extensions you’d like, Natural, Enhancing or Glam? This will help the tech choose the length and thickness of the extensions. Just to give you an idea, if you chose Natural looking lashes, they will apply a single faux lash to each of your lashes whereas if you chose Glam, they would apply 3 faux lashes to every 1 lash. Personally for me, if I was going to spend the money ($50-$100), I’d like to steer towards the Glam.

What’s the process? Be prepared to have an hour long appointment. The tech will apply tape underneath your eyes to avoid getting the glue on the skin. They will then begin to apply the faux lashes to your real lashes. This part of the process is not painful, just an uncomfortable feeling if you are paranoid about having sharp objects (tweezers) near your eyes. After the lashes application, if any glue had made contact with your skin, they will apply the glue remover….which stings. Some techs have better removers than others but in my experience, they all sting.
Check out this video for a detailed look on the process:

Are they for me? I am proud to say that my lashes usually last a month before they begin to fall out or look awkward. On the other hand, I’ve had friends who’ve had to remove them just after a week! Consider the following before committing to eyelash extensions:

  • Do you rub your eyes often?
  • Do you wear a lot of make-up around your eyes?
  • Do you sleep on your stomach?
  • Do you plan to swim, or embark on any activity where your eyelashes can potentially get wet?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, they are probably not for you. I know, it sounds like a lot of work. If you get them wet or damage the shape of them by rubbing them too often, lashes can begin to fall out to create awkward gaps or lose their shape and it will be noticeable. Do not remove them by yourself. I can see the temptation to if you do not have time to see your tech, you do not want to pay for the removal fee, or it begins to bother you. If you try to pull them out yourself, you will lose your real lashes as well….and then how will you look?

Oh but they are beautiful! Yup, they are and that’s what makes getting them worth it and addictive. Imagine waking up in the morning and putting on the most minimal of make up but having bright and doey eyes! I enjoy the simple but effective enhancement it creates. Yes, I know you think you can achieve the same look with drugstore falsies. False! Those look amazing as well and can provide you the convenience. Yet, for a non-make up savvy girl like myself, I can’t imagine putting them on every single morning, spending the time or  money every week as they are disposable and I personally think they do not look as natural.

Do your research and read reviews before going into any salon or seeing a tech. Even though Eyelash Extensions have been around for a few years, some facilities are still new to the application. Make sure you choose one with good reviews and a clean hygienic environment.


Happy lashing!

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