Bye bye 2014

As the year begins to wind down, a cliche thought comes to my head, “where did the time go!?”.
Now it’s time to look forward to 2015 and creating new goals and adventures!

The other day, my cousin sent me a Buzzfeed link that read: Here’s how to make a Rememberlutions Jar.
The idea is that we tend to make all these new years resolutions in the beginning and as the year ends we beat ourselves up that we either forgot about it or didn’t end up achieving everything we wanted to but hey, what about all the other great things we did?

Throughout the year, write notes about events that you are happy or proud of, “I met Michael Buble!” or “I got 90% on my final exam!” and insert it in the jar. If you are more of a visual person, you can put little tokens such as a rock from your vacation, a wine cork from your anniversary or ticket stub from an awesome concert. Either way, when you start to wonder where the time went and what you did, you can pour out your jar and start to feel good about the end of the year and look forward to filling up the next jar.

Since I didn’t get a chance to make a jar this year, I am going to reminisce about the highlights of 2014.

√ Embarked on an Alaskan cruise with a majority of my extended family.
This was a great big deal for me as my parents hardly take vacation and this was our first one together in over 10 years.

√ Went on a weekend getaway to Portland with the girls.
Life is busy and sometimes its hard to even get together for lunch! It is nice to know that we can make time for each other and spend a few quality days together.

√ Went to San Jose to visit the boyfriend.
I don’t care what anyone says – long distance relationships are hard! Every moment spent together is cherished and I was lucky to spend time with the boyfriend and visiting Monterey, San Jose and San Francisco.

√ Explored Victoria/Nanaimo
Sometimes it easy to wanderlust and forget to take a look at our own surroundings. I am lucky to travel for work often to the island and check out and appreciate what the local scene has to offer.

√ The year of the electronics and appliances: Crockpot, VitaMix, Nutribullet, Spirooli, washer/dryer, OnePlusOne, Hamilton Grill and Audiobook Mic.
I’ve heavily used YouTube this year as I hate reading manuals and relied heavily on it for operation instructions and fun recipes! Its exciting how these tools can enhance your everyday life and help evolve your domestic skills.

Oh and really, the most important thing I achieved this year was getting a king sized bed. It has changed my life and I would recommend you getting one for 2015 for beautiful sleeps!

Bye bye 2014.

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