Keep blogging!

I am quite crazy over photo books, I think they are an excellent aesthetically pleasing  and efficient way to publish your photos!
I usually use MyPublisher to publish my photo books.

Now I don’t know why I haven’t thought about this before, publishing my blog. So I started Googling and found this awesome website, Blog2Print which specializes in publishing blogs. Once I imported all my posts, I was overwhelmed about how many posts there were and how much editing I would have to do.

I rolled up my sleeves and decided to make a night of it. Yet…editing meant re-reading all my posts and a HUGE wave of nostalgia hit me. This blog is only 3 years old, as I had migrated from Xanga and as far as being active on here….I admit I haven’t been in the last little while, but just the evolution of me as a human being staggered me. I found myself missing who I was, what I did and my train of thoughts.

I am loving life right now but this life doesn’t include a lot blogging. I find that maybe the tools we have access to (Instagram, Facebook status, etc.) are used frequently as an outlet of expression vs. when I use to blog my feelings. Yet, those short bursts that I post don’t provide the same insight to me as when I re-read my previous posts. The previous posts aren’t always interesting nor may it interest people but it was my thinking at the time, and it’s like getting reacquainted with my own self.

This is quite the rambling, but I resolve once again to blog more so when I publish the 2nd edition of my blog, I can feel this way all over again.

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