Be brave enough…

“Be brave enough to break your own heart. ”
Cheryl Strayed

So…I have a new addiction.
Audio books.

The addiction began when I started to travel more for work and I quickly realized that the radio loop was annoying, signals were weak in certain areas and traffic was a nightmare.
I was thinking that I could be more productive and entertained with my time during my commute and so while I was at the library, I stumbled upon the Audiobooks section and the light bulb went off.

I’ve been enjoying a variety of audio-books and its made the travelling much more enjoyable. In fact, sometimes I sit in my car for a few minutes more just to finish off a chapter. The one I’ve enjoyed the most and almost wish it didn’t end was, “Tiny Beautiful Things” by Cheryl Strayed.

In 8 cds, it took me on a emotional journey of sympathizing with others in their struggle of self, love, faith, family, finances and in general, LIFE.
The audio book was narrated and authored beautifully by Cheryl Strayed aka Sugar, who writes for the online column, Dear Sugar.
Another element of the enjoyment of audio books is not only the story but the voice narrating it. (I’ve come across good stories but horrid voices!)

I was surprised to learn that a lot of the questions people wrote in about were the exact same ones I’ve often pondered. I was also shocked at some of the raw and dark questions others asked as well.
From one spectrum to the other, Sugar had answers. Not a short generic concise one, but a very thorough, empathetic, humorous and a valuable reply.
It made me more open minded, changed my perspective on the complexity of human behaviour and question my own self.
So, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest library and check it out!

After listening to all these audio-books, I was inspired to take my love of reading to the next level. I will be trying my hand in recording an audio book. I have chosen to read “The First Time” by Joy Fielding, which is one of my favourite books. Granted, it’s just an experiment, but who knows!

Happy listening!

– V


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