fatgirlslim treatment by Bliss *review*

Purchased from Sephora: $48 + taxes
Included: Sample size 2oz of fatgirl scrub, fatgirl slim, fatgirl sleep & fatgirl stimulator

Who likes cellulite, fat or saggy skin? Anyone? Definitely not me. Unfortunately, I have issues with all three and I was on the look for a product that could aid in any way possible. I enjoy “value” sets because you are not committing yourself to a product that may not work for you and you could sample for enough duration to see its effect.
This value set had enough product to last for 30 days, with twice a day application (except for the scrub which I only did once a day).

**Bliss states that you are to use these products in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet to see max. results

Bliss claims:
“….firmer looking skin….improves skin tone….reduce the appearance of cellulite.”

I’ve been using the product for a month once a day and I give it a thumbs down.

How to use:
In the shower, place fatgirlscrub on desired body part and use the fatgirlstimulator to massage in circles. The scrub  creates a flow and exfoliates. Following this, use fatgirlslim; massage 20-30 seconds onto desired body parts. Before sleep, use fatgirlsleep to massage the same spots.


  • fatgirlscrub acts as a good exfoliator
  • fatgirlsleep has a nice lavender scent to help put you to sleep
  • The texture of the cream is non-greasy and smooth to apply
  • A little goes a long way for the cream, therefore having to use less


  • fatgirlslim has a mint smell and feel which can feel tingly after application
  • fatgirlstimulator’s rubber feels ineffective on the skin
  • fatgirlstimulator is hard to clean when the scrub bit gets stuck in between
  • No visible improvement after the month of use

Overall, I would not recommend buying the fatgirlslim value treatment kit.
Oh well, the hunt continues for magic in a jar 😉

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