Absolute Spa at the Century Plaza (Review)

As I gushed in my previous spa post, I am all about the RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) massages!
Instead of visiting Spa Utopia, I decided to try a competitor, Absolute Spa. I will be doing a review on Absolute Spa using Spa Utopia as a benchmark.

Absolute Spa has 3 locations and offers a full range of services from manicures to advance body treatments. The deciding factors for me this time around was:

  • Less expensive for RMT Deep Tissue Massage $173 vs $130
  • Offers complimentary parking (and we all know how expensive Downtown parking can be)
  • Offers complimentary chicken (or veggie) salad with your choice of juice (an upgrade from Utopia’s fruits/nuts)
  • Complimentary make-up session (either light face or intense eyes/lips)
  • Had an indoor pool (Utopia’s is outside therefore not much use during winter time)

Absolute Spa
Century Plaza – Deep Tissue Massage (60 minutes) $130 – 7.3/10
Before my visit, I had read Yelp! reviews and most of them were not kind to the customer service or facility.
Therefore, I was surprised when I visited that it was not as rundown as one may suggest.

I was greeted in a friendly manner, asked to fill out forms, and shown around the facility.
I enjoyed that the environment was bright and welcoming yet the distinctive difference between Utopia and Absolute was it felt more like a corporate cosmetics store than a spa.
The difference continued as you were led downstairs to the change room, the relaxation lounge and the cafe.
There was no flow or open space but instead was divided into separate rooms that had corporate-like carpets and decor.
The change room itself is a bit small, I cannot imagine if it was busy how the women could manage. They do have a separate change room located in the swimming pool area as well.
The lockers they offer is metal (not the best or classiest looking) and only one change stall offered in the main Change room. I did enjoy that they had a lock/key vs a combination code (as I find those harder to use!)

I relaxed in the lounge which was different than the plush couches at Utopia. They had pillows and wonderful throw blankets with extending loungers. That would’ve been pure relaxation if not for the grey dreary carpets and small sized room.

My therapist picked me up right on time, was friendly, outgoing and knowledgeable.
The massage rooms were located on the 3rd floor which meant that I had to walk 2 floors in my robe (that includes going through the lobby and up the stairs). Although this is minor, I find again, it is a lack of the flow of the spa.

The massage itself was fantastic. I learned a lot about my body through my therapist in terms of what areas needed to be stretched or were tense. I felt the hour was used effectively.
Qualms not related to the massage itself was the environment. The room itself was much brighter therefore harder to relax. There was another massage table next to me and the walls were so thin that I could hear the squealing party of girls next to me getting their pedicures.

After my massage, I checked out the empty indoor pool. It didn’t look beautiful but just there. No hot tub but there was a steam room!
The complimentary amenities were the same as Utopia’s (shower caps, razors, tampax, lotion etc.).
The make-up service was well done and they did not try to pressure me into buying any of the products which I appreciated.

**As a side comment, there is no hair salon at this location. After a wonderful scalp massage, I thought to treat myself to a wash/blow dry. I called the salon in the hotel, A Salon to inquire if I could stop by after my appointment.
They were incredibly rude. “yeah sure, uh huh, dunno” – type of answers. Needless to say, I didn’t go there for their overpriced rudeness.

I find it good to check out different spas so you can get a feel for what you like, expect and to gain new experiences.
I would recommend this spa if you are looking for a nicer, don’t want to spend a fortune spending the day to relax with your friends so you are not so in tuned with other noises and little nitpicks.

Happy spAHing!

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