Spas AH.

It’s no secret that I like being pampered. If you ask me my top 10 favourite things to do, spending a day at the spa is definitely high on that list.
I’ve been visiting spas for facials, massages, manicures, pedicures etc. I am always on the hunt for the best deal and I love to visit different spas to compare. Here is my review on the last 3 spas I visited:

Merle Norman Metrotown
Back Facial (60 minutes) $65  – 6/10
This is my first back facial and I was very excited to slough off dead skin and have a shiny back. I made this appointment on an impulse and was happy they could cater to my preferred time.
I arrived 15 minutes before my service and the technician seemed confused which room to place me in. When she pointed me to a room, I noticed stains/hair on the sheets and asked her to change it. It was awkward for me to stand there for the 10 minutes she spent changing the sheets.
I was not offered a beverage.
When the service started, I noticed my technician was sick and she kept sniffling the entire time. There was no background music and the walls were so thin I could hear the other staff outside having conversation. That made it hard to relax and enjoy.
The service included: quick cleanse, minimal scrub, steam (did not really feel the steam) no extraction (said I didn’t need it), hydration masque and massage (mediocre). I was upsold to spend an additional $25 for a Microdermabrasion treatment to enhance my exfoliation.
I had to request for my entire back because initially the technician was only focusing on my top back.
I do not recommend this location nor this service. My back did not look refreshed or feel any different.
Considering they are in a A Mall and they marketing themselves for a Spa-like environment, I would rate this service/location poor.

Spa Utopia
Pan Pacific – Deep Tissue Massage (75 minutes) $173 – 8.9/10
For years I’ve wanted to visit Spa Utopia and thanks to my work benefits, I was finally able to!
Getting an appointment for your desired time is hard so know to book at least a week in advance! The conversation was very professional and I was invited to come even 2 hours beforehand to enjoy the amenities they offer (steam room, sauna and pool). It is located in the Pan Pacific Hotel and it easily accessible by taking the skytrain.
Upon arrival, you are “checked in” and shown to your locker, robe, towel and sandals.
The environment is completely gorgeous; there was a warm fireplace, plush couches, and magazines available.  There are refreshments laid out for you in the common area including teas, fresh fruit and various nuts.
Before our service we used the rooftop pool and enjoyed the sun.
The masseuse came to introduce themselves, discussed any problem areas to focus on, had me pick the oil and did their magic. It felt amazing! The music, lighting and the massage itself was perfect. Not a relaxation massage but one where it really got your body joints going.
Afterwards, we were offered wine. The salon had just opened up again and I was offered a complimentary hair wash/blow dry. How awesome is that?
All in all, Spa Utopia is amazing. I recommend going with a spouse or friend to enjoy this experience. Sadly, I could not come here on a regular basis for the $$$. If you have benefits that cover a large expense, they have RMT’s for most of the massage services.
**Costco sells Spa Utopia G/C worth $400 for only $320.
***If you refer a friend, your friend gets $25 off their first service and you get $25 off your next service

Iris Day Spa
European Facial  (60 minutes) $60 – 7.5/10
I don’t have the best skin so I try to go for a facial every couple of months to get a deep clean. I am also a big fan of supporting local companies. This spa is located near my home and in a strip mall in Guildford, Surrey.
The environment is pleasant with visually appealing colours, layout and well organized overall.  (Plus the price is so right!)
The staff do not speak English well but enough to get the points across. The facial itself goes through all the routine and proper steps. (Cleanse, steam, exfoliate, extract etc.) What is nice is that you can tell they are really focused on your face and are not rushing anything.
The also have complimentary massage for head, shoulders and arms while they wait for your masque to take effect. (Most other spas just leave the room for 10 minutes).
After your service, they will have a quick consultation regarding your facial and give you samples of products they used. (Yay samples!)
Check their website as they have monthly specials but won’t give you the discount unless you mention the website special.
The only downside to this place is that it is not in the best area. Once when I was there, there was a man coming in to ask for money to wash her windows. He was persistent and seemed threatening. The owner had told me this has happened a couple of times.
Other than that, I’d recommend this place!


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