Jillian Michaels will kick your butt

“Drip sweat, don’t phone it in and impress me people!” – Jillian Michaels

My trainer is Jillian Michaels.
Okay, so maybe she trains me from inside my tv screen, but still!
I first saw her on the Biggest Loser and when I was browsing Shoppers one day decided to impulsively buy a work out dvd. I figure for $10, what can I lose except the unwanted weight?

I had a gym membership to Ladies Fitness and while I enjoy the classes, I could never motivate myself enough to have a full hardcore workout on my own. I need direction! I need someone to tell me what to do and how long to do it for. If you see me at the gym, I am probably wandering around the machines doing things here and there while not getting too much done.

That’s how I discovered working out at home is the best solution for me. No excuses. I can’t say I am tired and not go. Like hello, it’s all right here.
All you need for these dvds are a set of weights, a mat and a chair.

The first dvd I bought was 30 Day Shred: 3 workouts of 20 minutes each getting progressively harder to build your endurance with cardio and tone you. It has a 3-2-1 system.
3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute abs.
Do this for 30 days; stay commited and you will see a vast difference in the toneness of your body as well as your endurance in strength training. It did not help me lose a lot of weight but it helped me stave off inches and realize what I am capable of. This was a great ‘starter’ dvd to put me in the right mind set and shape.

The next dvd I bought was Ripped in 30: 4 workouts of 30 minutes each getting progressively harder to have you ripped. You are suppose to do one workout per week followed by the meal plan that is suggested for you.
She states that you can ‘eat your way thru any exercise’ and believe me, its true! No matter how hard you work out, it does not matter if you are just going to eat junk. It has to go hand in hand.
This one gets a little crazy! The moves are creative, never repeated and works out multiple muscles of your body to ensure maximum calorie burn.
Beware she is also much more mean in this dvd, pushing you all the way through. You will probably hate planks after this.

Recently I purchased her newest dvd, Kickbox Fast Fix: I felt that now I am at the stage where I can add on more cardio as a warm-up before getting into strength training. This dvd is perfect as its upbeat and has 20 minutes of 3 level Cardio Kickboxing. Provided is a tutorial of the moves and then off you go. Jabs, roundhouse kicks, uppercuts, combinations etc. It keeps you moving the entire time and its exciting because if you are like me, you like to pretend you are a champion fighter and just kick ass in your own living room.

And lastly, I just bought Rockin’ Buns & Thighs. I dont’ even know about this. It focuses on shaping, toning and shaving your buns and thighs. It looks hardcore. I haven’t divulged too much into it yet, but will report back.
I think I’ll start to document seriously to see the results of these dvds.

Thanks to Jillian Michaels and these dvds I now feel stronger, motivated, educated about proper form, and energetic. Like seriously, I could lead my own workouts now with all the knowledge she has thrown my way. (okay maybe not a class but at least a few others!) I recommend working out at home where you can grunt in front of the tv and feel like a winner afterwards.


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