Fifty Shades Review

First of all, who isn’t reading the series Fifty Shades?
This could be the result that you’ve picked it up due to the buzz, curiosity or boredom. Now I’ve read it and most likely you will too.

Reading this series felt like a graduation of reading the Twilight series due to the fact that the author who wrote it originally wrote it as Twilight fan fiction.
I can identify all the characters in Fifty Shades to those in Twilight; tweaked, more in-depth and interesting but definitely the same formula. Who wouldn’t use a formula that turned out to be so widely successful and now Fifty Shades is sharing the same popularity. It works.
I liked the Twilight saga very much and even if the writing is a bit poor in Fifty Shades, I’ve found myself wrapped in storyline and its characters.

*Spoiler alerts*

Fifty Shades of Grey: During the first bit of the book, I eased myself in thinking this is a pretty typical storyline. Billionaire, introverted, authoritative, drop dead gorgeous Christian Grey has taken a liking to average, intelligent, younger, Anastasia Steele. Whoop…..well that is until he announces he wants her to be his Submissive. Huh? Yes that’s a term for S&M sex. I am not going to go into detail there but feel free to Google it which I had to do for many terms in the book. Now I’ve read Harlequin before so there wasn’t that shock factor in there for me but again the connection with the characters and their reactions kept me intrigued.
I enjoyed the fact that this novel was not rushed. It was a story with 400 pages with an ever slow-moving pace between two characters just starting to be interested in one another and that’s what I liked best. When I finished, (knowing there were two more) I felt content finding out what was in store for these characters.
Yes, I quickly tired of Ana the way I tired of Bella. Why? We are tired because we can relate to her in ways that sometimes she is insecure, whiney and naive.
Yes, I fell in love really fast with Christian the way I did with Edward. (More for Christian though *smirks*). Why? We love him because he holds characteristics in which you would want in a man. Protective, witty and so desperately in love with you.

Fifty Shades Darker: Now this book got more interesting as action started to occur. I mean in and out of the bedroom which was pleasing to a reader. Favourite phrases I picked up in this book were “Laters, baby”. “Stow your twitchy palm”, “Vanilla sex”, and “Kinkery f**ckery”.
**Because so many people searched this, “Stow your twitchy palm” means he was anxious to spank her whenever she acted out of line. Therefore as her reply, she would tell him to put his twitchy palm away.

That’s what stood out for me was this book was raw. There is no proper editing and it seemed to stand out from other books.  I especially enjoyed the witty email banter exchange as it made me laugh out loud a couple of times. Ana is intelligent as is Christian so I can envision them having conversations that I could not see between Bella & Edward. Again, the book went at a good pace. The storyline itself wasn’t that interesting as it posed no real threat but because of the handful of characters, money and sex, it was entertaining.

Fifty Shades Freed: Now I was a bit disappointed with the book for the first half. I wondered, what happened to my characters? It felt like they were no longer the people they were in the first book but turned completely vanilla. Although I do feel that in any series, the authors always save the last book to do as much explaining of characters. history and situations as they can (IE. Hunger Games: MockingJay) and that is what E.L James tried to do. Fine. I got a bit tired of the scenes as they seemed to be ones I’ve read in the other books and the wording hasn’t changed much. (IE. Oh my fifty, poor fifty!) Yawn.
The second half of the book was much better due to some change in events and revelations from characters. Again, this was a long book and it had a good pace. I am happy with the ending as it left me with no loose ends and no “what if’s?” as so many books are trending to do nowadays.
I especially enjoyed the bonus section where we get to read into Christian’s thoughts (as with Edward’s Midnight Sun) and desperately hope they would someday release the trilogy with Christian as a narrator.

Mmm….Christian Grey.

Start your Fifty journey and purchase book 1: Fifty Shades of Grey on Amazon now.

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