Go ahead, be bold.

As my 25th birthday looms closer, I panic a little.
This is normal, is it not? Part of the reason for my panic is  because I realized I’ve deviated from my ‘timeline’.
You know the one you created for yourself at very early teenage years where you are sitting around with your friends boasting that “…by the time I am 25 I’ll be (fill in the blank).”
I had quite the timeline with the things I had hope to be accomplished by now…..that’s not happening.

Perhaps my ideals were unrealistic, I didn’t monitor time closely, or simply I fell off track. Regardless, I am quite disappointed. Yes I’ve achieved other things that weren’t on the time line that were noteworthy but it’s time to regroup and focus. Many people say ‘Life’ gets in the way and we simply don’t have time, effort or means to achieve the things we want. Bollocks I say to that.

25 is quite the milestone to celebrate, it signifies the end of ‘young adult’ but simply just adult.
I think this time around I will be putting pen to paper and creating a hard copy list of this time line and to motivate myself by looking at it a few times a week to ensure no time is lost.

Similarly, Bucket Lists are popular too. I haven’t created one before that might be a good idea for the next post. I read other people’s lists and it seems we all have one thing in common: we want an unforgettable experience.

We’ll see how bold I will commit myself to be.


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