Apps that run my life

As an Iphone user, it seems the most asked question would be, “What Apps do you have?”
For the longest time, I had an Iphone and used the basics such as Facebook, Camera+, Skype etc.
Recently, I’ve begun to learn to fall in love with my phone again. It’s amazing how a new screen protector, case and wallpaper can give the illusion of having a brand new phone.
Nowadays I am more active in downloading Apps to utilize my phone properly and to keep myself entertained at all times! (Isn’t that the wants of my generation?)

Okay so here are my top Apps I always have open now:

WhatsApp Messenger: It is an app that serves as FREE text messaging. This is most useful as the bf and I are long distance and we do not want to pay for long distance text messaging! This app is AWESOME because not only is it free, it works as instant messaging/email. This includes all media: picture, audio, video and messages that can be sent in a nanosecond. This allows for much text messaging frenzy.
Downsides to this app could be the weird ‘Online & Last Seen’ as status, it’s a bit confusing and useless. As well, it eats up data of course vs text messaging. Android users are receiving this App for free whereas Iphone users have to pay $0.99.

Instagram: Currently this app is available exclusively for Iphone users and it really showcases the quality of the Iphone camera. This app is beautiful and simple. As Twitter serves the need for those who want to update their status frequently, Instagram serves those who love posting pictures! In 2 steps you can choose different filters for your photo and post! Followers can view, like and comment. I like this app because it’s so visual. I can see the foods, the places and events people are posting and no other words need to be said! Recently, Instagram linked itself to Facebook and Animoto making sharing just that much easier! Username: tovanessa

Google Voice: Google is a giant in many things. Although I think their Google Circle has failed a bit, they do offer many services that excel. Google Voice is one of them. In search for more long distance relationship aids, Google Voice helps. The user signs up for a Google Voice #. If I am in Canada, I get assigned a Canadian # which I call and then connects me to the US # I want to contact. This eliminates ‘long-distance charges’ because technically you are calling a local #. Yes? I’ve researched it and I cannot see a flaw on it so far. To be safe I’ve been calling on wi-fi and after 6pm which is my free time to chat but so far so good! 

Scrabble: Yes I know it cost $. $2.99 to be exact. And yes I know I can play Words with Friends for free but there is no contest. Scrabble rocks. It has no ads, lag time and it’s the official proper game! I am on this constantly whether playing with my friends or random opponents. The interface is clean and appealing to the user. As you are playing in an intense game, you can also chat with your friends as well and hold multiple games at once. If you are going to download this app, play me:  Username: o1goodgirl.


What apps do you have that are your favourite? What do you recommend I download?


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