LDR – Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, may your day be filled with love, hugs and kisses. xo

Today is J & I’s 2nd Valentines Day but we are a spending it apart. We designated a day in March when I will be visiting to celebrate then but I find it not completely necessary as everyday is a celebration of love, is it not?
I didn’t want  Valentine’s Day to pass without him receiving a little token of my appreciation so he remembers someone thousands of kms away is thinking of him.
I sent him a package on Thursday that was suppose to arrive for Tuesday, but surprisingly the postal service was speedy and he received it on Monday.
The package consisted of:
01. Candies: (Hershey Hugs, Strawberry Marshmallows and Chocolate hearts) that had a note attached “Eat these when you miss me”
02. Photo: A picture of me that had a note attached “Look at this when you really miss me” 
03. Plane ticket: Money + a generated airplane ticket with a note attached that said “Use this when you really miss me and you cant humanly stand it anymore!”
Use this website if you are interested in creating your own: http://omatic.musicairport.com/

I was recommended to use Animoto for quick slide show productions and now I am loving the high quality and creative videos it produces. This is the one I created for the boyfriend.
JV1024 – VDAY.

I love you. I can’t wait to see you. You will always be my Valentine.


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