LDR – A weekend IN

A typical weekend that J & I use to have would include things like making dinner (him cooking), heading to the movies, running errands, checking out new activities or whichever came our way.
This is our second weekend apart and we’ve been having online dates. It’s actually funny because I knew we were going to embark on this and I found myself dressing up for the occasion.
Mum: Where are you going?
Me: Nowhere, why?
Mum: You are dolled up a bit to be staying in.
Can you blame me I want to look decent for the boyfriend?
This weekend we didn’t get a chance to watch a movie but instead we studied together. We spent five hours helping each other out with homework, chatting occasionally for breaks and just hanging out all the while we get face time. 
Strange isn’t it?  We both remarked it felt oddly satisfying to find an alternative that works. Who knows what crazy things we’ll come up with next?

In other areas, I mailed him a letter by snail mail and it was received in 3 days! Not bad, right?  The whole “Dear John….”


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