LDR – Creativity

As we dive into our relationships, the creativity simmers down. We save it for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. We figure that since we see our partner so often that they should know how much we love them by our touch and the things we do for them. Of course that all goes out the window when you are in a LDR.
We have to start getting creative with how we express our love and grow our relationship. A big thing my boyfriend and I like to do is watch movies. We’d do a double feature and it’d be a great stay-in night. He came up with the idea that we both watch the same movie at the same time while we talk on the phone. Creative? I think so!
Our first attempt, we watched ‘Another Earth’ (not recommended). It was trying at first trying to get it going with the exact timing but when we did, I quite enjoyed the experience!  We still could chatter about our thoughts of the scenes and in the end if felt like we did watch the movie together minus the cuddling of course.
I recommend wearing headphones in one ear for watching the movie as it may echo and your ear could get hot holding the phone for a lengthy period of time.
As the days go on, I know we will have to start looking into other ‘dates’ we can go on together in the cyber world. Love ftw!


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