Title: Girlfriend

Like many roles in a woman’s life, it’s a work in progress.
I am a sister, daughter, friend, employee and for the past year I’ve been a girlfriend.

Being a girlfriend is a role that is challenging. It requires patience, balance and energy.
Some of us take on this role multiple times and we learn that it is unique to each person and what’s best for one person isn’t going to  jibe with another.

I admit, I have rather a large amount of pride, I can be selfish and I am afraid to get hurt therefore the defenses usually build up. From this relationship, I think I learned what it’s like to be a true girlfriend.
From the get go, I’ve always said the best 3 components to have are:

1) Loyalty – Recognize that you are both playing for the same team and when you fight you are fighting for one another. You stay loyal and therefore creating a solid foundation of trust.

2) Affection – As a relationship progresses sometimes we assume that the other person should obviously know how we feel about them. This is not true. We need to be consistent in showing them how we feel. With a kiss on their forehead, a longer than necessary hug or a slight hand on their back.  Don’t forget to use your words as well, “I find you amazing”, “Thank you for cooking me dinner” or simply “I am grateful I met you” are simple words that can have powerful effects.

3) Honesty – I feel everybody deserves honesty. Especially the one you are with. If you tell small lies, its easy to work your way up to big lies. Nobody can improve or change without you letting them know what is amiss. Once you tell a lie you cannot un-tell it. If all parties know what is what, they can make the right decisions. Trust is the utmost important and once you start telling lies you chip away and erode your foundation.

Being a girlfriend is an amazing role and it’s made me a better person. It’s waking up with a smile on your face knowing you are mere hours away from sharing, talking, laughing with the person who knows you best. It’s being committed and sharing your life so that you are more open, energetic and reaching your full potential.
Of course, being a good girlfriend is that much easier when you have the best boyfriend to harmonize with you.   Together, you will go through obstacles but with the attitude of optimism you’ll sail through Love.

Have fun being a girlfriend, it’s one of the best jobs in the world and the perks are endless (:


3 thoughts on “Title: Girlfriend

  1. I wish my last relationships would of seen things your way, often it has been her way or the highway. It’s good to know there are good people like you out there 🙂 thank you!

  2. Sometimes it takes a few tries for females (and males) to get it right. Also depends on age and maturity and if we have found someone to make that role valuable to us.
    I say that you should lead by example and your girlfriend will follow right behind you. =)

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