Summer so far

Song: Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People

I returned to work today after the long weekend and had to flip the page for my calendar. August.
“According to my calculations”(props for The Magic School Bus quote), there are only 4 weeks left of Summer.
The summer had a slow start, what with the rain and all, but I managed to clock in some great activities:

Canada Day: Horray for long weekend and celebrating your country’s birthday. J and I started out this day in Richmond to visit the annual Steveston Salmon Festival. We finally had an excuse to wear our Canada gear once again that was purchased during the Olympics. The festival had a quaint community vibe that provided performances, marketplaces and plenty of food pavilions. The walk of Steveston itself is gorgeous and we ended up at Gary Point Park. We plopped ourselves on the grass and just spent the afternoon relaxing and watching the numerous kites float. That was truly an afternoon of bliss. The evening was approaching and to secure a spot for the Canada Day fireworks downtown we hurried down early. We had a few drinks at a local pub and then sat on the curb to await the show. I might be too spoiled from the Celebration of  Lights because I was not impressed at all with the fireworks although it did cap off a wonderful day.

Cultus Waterslides: The tradition started last year and I was determined to relive the fun. The weather cooperated fantastically as the temperature was hovering around 23 degrees with the sun shining brightly. The drive out is a bit lengthy but scenic! Even though we arrived 45 minutes after the park had opened, the lot was nearly full. This is an expensive activity ($28pp) but well worth it. The park boasts over 12 adult waterslides compared to Splashdown which is more catered towards children. They also provide umbrella and bbq rentals which we took advantage of. With over 7 hours at the park, most of us had the opportunity to ride all the slides at least two or three times, enjoy our bbq and lounge. My favourite being, Colossal Canyon which is a group raft ride and Zero-60 Raceway which is a group race for water sledding. It’s great to gather friends, enjoy the outdoors and just have a grand time being kids again!

Civic Long weekend: This weekend we decided to stay in town and be low key. We had a chance to attend the colorful Pride Parade and see the spectacular fireworks displayed by China.
The boyfriend loves dinosaurs and so when Science World had a contest for free ticket giveaways to their Dinosaur Exhibit,  I jumped on the train. They jumbled letters of dinosaur names and you had to guess which one it was. That is not easy feat as dinosaur names have just way too many letters in my opinion! I won 4 tickets and on August Long weekend we had a chance to visit. Science World is great because there is always a featured exhibit and then many other fun things to participate in.
We are in search of great fish tacos and was recommended to try out Go Fish. It was a nice day to line up, wait for your tacos and enjoy them on the wooden patio deck. The tacos were mediocre for me but it’s an interesting experience. We walked our way to Kits Beach and enjoyed the glory of the sun but was intrigued when we saw others take water taxis back to Granville Island. It was fun and who knew so many things were offered in our city?
I haven’t been dancing in awhile and thought it’d be a good idea to check out the night life. Apparently everybody was away for the weekend because the clubs were sparse. For the first time, we went to Joseph Richards and I was surprised at good it was. The decor, music and crowd were appealing and I had a great time. Afterwards, the boyfriend introduced me to Fritz!, quite the happening and yummy poutine shop down the street. I love living in Canada!

Sports604 Volleyball: This year we are named “Casual Encounters” and we play grass volleyball at Central Park once a week with Sports604 league. It’s been pretty nice hanging out with your friends and playing volleyball whether we win or lose (*cough*) . I find myself laughing quite often and just bonding with my friends. There is music pumping and great inside jokes being formed.  The highlight being having our late night dinners afterwards and catching up with one another in our otherwise very busy lives.

Rob Schenider: I’ve never been to a stand-up comedy act before. Rob’s act went on sale on Groupon for only $32. I am only familiar with his works when he stars in the Happy Gilmore productions. I went with having no standards but to laugh. And laugh I did. Usually I am a person who laughs inside unless it’s really funny. Rob was fluid, current and funny! He made my first comedy experience memorable (:

Those are some of the highlights and hopefully in 4 weeks time I’ll have more to add to the list!

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