Girl’s Night

A lot of people I know switch the radio station as soon as they hear a commercial, not I. Since I am interested in the Marketing field, I enjoy listening to commercials.
My top favourite producing ones being, Recycle-It, Taco Bell, Ikea and BlueCross – listen closely for them next time it will crack you up.

Last week I heard the commercial for Milestone’s Monday Girls Night. Their promotion is $40 for 4 Bellini’s and 4 appies. Since a Bellini itself is already $7 I figure this is a pretty sweet deal! I gathered up the girls and we met at Robson Milestone’s. Upon first sip of my Bellini, I was hooked. They sure know how to make them and make them seem quite glam with their cutesy figurines on top (shown in image is the stilettos). The server saw how much we liked them and brought over all of them for us to play with; heels, cat, bunnies etc.

For appies we had Spinach Dip, Pita Bread, Yam Fries and Shrimp which we didn’t finish. We were there for a total of 3hrs and we did not feel rushed as we gossiped, laughed, vented and updated each other. Our server was uber friendly and the atmosphere was modern and upbeat without being too overbearing. I recommend attending Girls Night with your friends for a fun inexpensive and yummy evening!

My choice of entree: California Spring Salad: Goat cheese, slice straberries, pecans and honey lime vingeratte, need I say more?

Happy Girls Night!

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