The Bacon Book Club

As I browse through bookstores, I notice people picking up books and inspecting it. Sometimes I can’t help it and I blurt out, ‘That is a really great book you’ll enjoy it!’.
Of course they think I am creepy. Some just nod and smile politely and others scurry away. Although there is an odd time when someone would ask me what the book was about and I’d go off into a tangent and they probably wish they never asked.

Okay maybe I am over-exaggerating. It’s just when I finish a great novel, I wish I could share it with someone; to discuss it and have their opinions on it. I use to join online forums but the reading and posting just got to be too much for me.

The other day I was at my cousin’s place and we started to discuss novels when one girl took the initiative and said we should form our own book club. Such a brilliant idea I can’t believe I didn’t try to implement one earlier.

I am not sure what a book club consists of but I think my craving to dissect a book after I read it will be fulfilled. We chose to read, “Before I go to Sleep” by S.J Watson. I chose to purchase on my Kindle thinking I’d save myself loads of money but really it was only a few dollars.

My first impressions were that this book was an adaptation of  ’50 first dates’ (the protagonist suffers the same memory loss disorder as Drew Barrymore). Yet as light and fun as that movie was, this book was to be dark and twisted.
Despite that, I couldn’t put it down and finished the novel within 2 days. This has book has a lot of self-reflection issues that are addressed and fears of identity crisis due to loss of memory.

I am already an eager beaver to meet with the group of girls and this is just another thing to cross off the bucket list.

Happy reading!


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