Reading: Veil of Night – Linda Howard
Song: Best I Never Had – Beyonce

Sigh. That was my big breath of relief now that my classes are done for this semester and I am a free bird until September. Now Summer has officially begun.
Counting on my fingers, I realize realistically we only have 8 weekends before Summer disappears and then we revert back to the chill and rain.

Yet with my recent woes, I think I don’t mind so much. Woe, you say? Yes, you are going to feel sorry for me. Heck, I feel sorry for me.
I’ve always had terrible skin ever since I was born. It runs in my family apparently, on both sides. When I was a child, I had a bad case of Eczema; I get the worst of it in the winter time now.  From then on, I moved onto to Acne. Oh wasn’t that fun? After my teenage years, my skinned settled down and I was content.
Last year, I developed Chronic Hives. Yep, it’s just what it sounds like. I’d get hives only in the evening but I’d get it everyday. It’s not curable and there is no point taking medicine for it because it just disappears in the morning. Again, I wasn’t too alarmed as my Dad has it as well so it’s ‘genetics’. I compared myself to Fiona from Shrek; how she turned into an ogre every night without anyone knowing.  
The hives went away just a few months ago and I found myself thanking the heavens again. I shouldn’t have been too overjoyed.
Last weekend, I had a nice picnic day and didn’t know you the next day, I got….heat rashes.
I’ve been to humid and hot places like Vegas, Hawaii and Mexico, they’d show up just a bit here and there. But this, THIS was nothing like those times. It appeared on my face, arms and legs. Little tiny red bumps, it looked like I had the mumps!! (pictures will not be shown)
I went to the doctor immediately because hello? I cannot walk around like that. He just simply nodded and said I was allergic to the sun and heat.
SUN AND HEAT?! Was he kidding me? He said it happens to people, gave me some cream and told me to stay out of the sun or wear protective clothing.
I was floored. I am only twenty-four, I plan to have many summers and vacations in the sun.
I felt miserable. Of course, I Googled everything I can find on it and yes it’s true. There are some gruesome pictures of those who didn’t listen and kept exposing their skin to the sun. After 7 days of putting on the cream, my skin is back to normal now but only because I’ve had minimal sun exposure.
At this point, I am not sure what I’ll do. In a way I feel like I am in denial, surely this can’t be?

Do you or someone you know have something similar to this? What can be done or prevent it? What kind of allergies do you have and how has it hindered your life?

Anyhow, since it’s the beginning of summer and I was dumped with the news, I justify my use of the word woe. I will still enjoy all summer has to offer though but I will be very careful about it as we always should be.

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