Usually, I am not a big fan of Subway. Quiznos > Subway. I say this because they have premium sandwiches plus all the free banana peppers and pickles I could want!
Also once you walk out of Subway, it leaves you with a funny smell ( I think this is due to their Parmesan Bread).
Although lately, I’ve been favouring Subway. Why?
Firstly, it’s closer to my work. About 15 minutes walking distance. Perk!
Secondly, they introduced their new Flatbread which is….amazing. It’s so soft and chewy – the perfect kind of bread.
And lastly, they sold me with their $25 GC promo. If you load $25 into a card, you get your 6″ free. I usually pick an expensive one so I save about $5.  
**Beware that this promotion is only offered in some stores due to the fact it’s independently owned.
My recommendation? Sweet onion chicken teriyaki on flatbread (:

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