Canucks Fever!

How absolutely exciting! Canucks are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs after a 17 year long absence.  In 1994, I was only 7 years old but I still remember the disappointment of the game that fell over the city. Sitting in our living room basement, I learned what hockey can do to individuals. There is a lot of shouting, clapping and craziness.
My Dad is a big hockey fan and has been since he migrated to Canada. He’s a faithful Canucks fan, hardly misses watching a game. He use to participate in a lot of pools, invite his buddies over to watch the game with beer and beef jerky. The players, logos and venues have changed but he is still a fan.
With the 40th anniversary in tow, everything seems to be falling nicely into place for our team. I heard a tourist remark that they’ve never seen so much support from fans for a sports team in one city. It’s true, you see countless (sometimes excessive) flags, jerseys, signs and whatever else floating around town. We are psyched! Even the Mayor is closing down streets to accommodate the viewings of the game. The whole city has been waiting for this cup!
This is an awesome time to be in Vancouver and I am happy that a team can bring a community like this together.


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