So if I jump off a bridge…?

How many people have on their bucket list, ‘Bungee Jumping’?  I am sure most do seeing as it is a form of an adrenaline that can be obtained locally.
Groupon knew how to utilize this desire as they advertised a coupon for $60 in place of their regular $130 price.
I heard almost 2,000 purchased! My boyfriend was one of the people who bought one.
Over the long weekend, we headed up to Whistler for his first jump.
The weather was a bit off as it was raining and windy but that didn’t deter neither him nor the 30 other people who were jumping.
The jumping was a bit backlogged so we had to time spectate other jumps. I don’t know if  that raises the heights of fear or excitement. Maybe both.
There were your fearless ones who didn’t need a countdown but just went for it. There was your ‘I need 1 more minute’ please and even those who just needed a push to go down. If you want to people watch, that’s a good place to do so.
About 45 minutes later, it was the boyfriend’s turn. I am impressed with his bravery and envious of the adrenaline rush I have yet to experience.
I’ve included the Youtube montage I compiled of the jump, feel free to view.
Word of advice, if you choose to do this: Make sure you pee beforehand. There are no washrooms just portables!! (yech)

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