Sun Run 2011

“You look totally done…but still beautiful” – the boyfriend

Good save there, right?
Well to your left is an image of me, yet again, doing the Sun Run.
This year I won free registration and admission to the In Training clinics from QMFM103.5.
We participated in the In-Training sessions a couple of times. It involved a group of runners meeting up with trained staff and going out for a run. They designed each week to increase your endurance level. At first it seemed very do-able as the runs were only 40 minutes long and they alternated between running and walking.
As the weeks came by, the weather was not so great in February/March and thus began the skipping of these sessions.
I still recommend that if you decide to participate and wish to do well in the run, you should sign up for these clinics.
The day of the run, the weather turned out fantastic. It’s nice to see the amount of people (approx 50,000) who come together each year to do the run. It is quite entertaining to see those who show up in costumes, hold signs or who they are running with.  I find it nice that there are those who come out to support their family and friends on the sidelines to cheer them on.
This year my time was 1hr 53mins. I am sore and achy today, not sure if its due to the 10KM or the Bikram Yoga on Saturday.
I’ve decided I like this event but next year I’ll sign up as a volunteer.
Congratulations to those who exceeded their goals =]


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