Remember me?

You probably thought an elf had just set up road blocks from here to kingdom come due to the fact Ive been MIA.
Truth be told, I wanted to come and see you – I really did.
Not for the lack of brilliant thoughts (okay perhaps they are not always brilliant) but nevertheless I still have thoughts I want to share with you.
As of late, theyve been personal though.
Ill gather them up properly and will return with many a post a day.

To share a tidbit thought with you today:
For the first time in my life…Ive visited the Mens washroom.
If you knew what a germaphobe I am, you can appreciate the enormity of this feat for me.
Of course Ive heard the horror stories of how disgusting it was.
My opinion was…it was “aight”. Of course this is a school and not a night club.
My class this term is strangely located in the Carpetner dept. 1 room washroom for Women but a whole thing for boys!
I didnt encounter anyone (thank goodness) but if I did, I wouldve tried to convince them THEY were in the wrong room. Heh

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