Booth please

I havent done an “on location” blog in awhile.
Currently, I am sitting at Wings on Kingsway in a 2 person booth. (best Wings being Greek, Honey Garlic, & Cajun!!) I am waiting for my friend. This is a rare occasion, the waiting thing.
You see even though I am ashamed to admit it, I am the Late Friend.
Classically, youll see me rush in, apologies always at hand.
I am the Ill just be 5 more minutes girl if you so kindly decide to give me a lift.
Ive come to realize I must change this – time is the best gift a person can share with you.
Could this be related to my other habit – procrasination??
That Ive managed to squander. Ive read somewhere we spend about 6mos of our lives at traffic lights and about a year in retail line ups.
And now you just spent 2 mins reading this.
Hope it was worth it 🙂

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