100th post

Today I will be celebrating my 100th post with WordPress. ( cyber happy dance )

More often that not people are surprised when I tell them I blog.
What is blogging exactly and why do you want strangers to read about your life?
Good question. When I was in 2nd grade I received my first diary, lock and all. I was ecstatic. Combined with this, I had just started reading Harriet the Spy and the story behind that is she wrote down everything she observed which intrigued me.
Throughout the years, the diary has been an outlet to me holding all my happiness, vents and secrets. It came to a point where time was limited and it wasnt always practical to write in the diary.
As my love for writing bloomed,  I wanted to do more than just keep my thoughts in a closed book.
I discovered Xanga.
Xanga was a wonderful way to begin my journey. Although the majority of my blogs were still personal citing my day-to-day routines. Making the transition from diary to blog seemed  a bit tougher than I thought.
To this day I still can’t write unbiased or objectively. Yet I say, bollocks to that – this is no blog for a journalist.
I have an opinion, goofy, incorrect or over the top it may be, but you come to visit my blog because you enjoy the quirky way I think or could you just be curious what I am up to.  I try to make it a general rule not to include too much of my personal life details in my blogs due to the fact I respect the people in my life not to be transparent for all to gawk at.
Things I learned about blogging:
– Catchy headlines (aka slugs) are fun to come up with
– Images enhances what you are trying to say
– People ‘google’ a lot of weird phrases to then stumble on my blog
– Not everyone will like what you have to say and leave you comments
– Organizing your thoughts in this manner helps you walk through logic
So what is blogging? With tongue in cheek, I am going to say its my free personal mute therapist. Ha.

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