Old Habits Die Hard

It’s been said that a Lepoard doesn’t change it’s spots and the meaning behind this phrase applies to the majority of us.
How many of us have used the excuse, ‘old habits die hard?’.
Imagine if you will, us being computers. The way I see it as we are growing up we all have our programming wired in us, things we learn, experienced, like, dislike and prefer.
As the final stages of this programming takes place I refer it to our ‘default mode’, in this case our “spots”. 
Sure enough there are things we try to add-on or install, we can associate this with upgrading our software and improving the way we process things.
Yet the cynic in me can’t help to say that when an error occurs or we lag, like with most of our electronic devices, instead of taking the time to trouble shoot, we shut down and reboot.
When we reboot, we go back into default mode, the shiny new software we learned all wiped away.
I am not saying we could never be better, improve, upgrade or change – I am implying there are flashes or phases where we revert back.
I pride myself to have learned from the past, to think rationally and apply logic reasoning before I revert  back to default mode like I feel I have been lately.
Default mode is where I feel safe, knowing what I know, working out issues the way I am use to. But I find there is no excuse to use the ‘old habits’ line to have it passable for your crime because it outlines who you really are.
There is no rhyme or reason why this could be occurring or if it’s just another phase but I wonder if the spots have been just camouflaged and when the red flag is raised, rather than be a burden, it’s a defense mechanism? Instincts perhaps?
Time will tell and I’ll keep you posted whether the animal in me has been tamed or just lying in the wake ready to pounce.


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