Day 6

(Yes, I know I’ve been heavily neglecting these daily challenges, therefore I am going to complete as many as I can today.)

Day 06 – A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day

Is it a wonder that I want to trade places with Angelina Jolie for 1 day?
When they say ‘whole package’, Angelina Jolie is the whole package.
She’s beautiful, loved, hated, mother, lover, seductress, actress, ambassador and rebel.
In a way she is a walking contradiction and I like that. Who says you have to just be one type your whole life? I’d strive to be all those things to get a full rounded picture of life.
She is fearless and that is what I admire most about her.
She has classic beauty;  lean frame, piercing eyes, sharp angles and full lips.
She’s loved by her partner, family and the film industry.
She’s hated by the public who think she is a home wrecker but can’t help to be addicted to every move.
She is a mother to numerous children, biological and adopted. That takes loads of energy, time and love.
She is a partner for Brad. Not pushing him into marriage because she is not insecure and keeping him on his toes for constant excitement and renewal of love.
She was a rebel who had questioning actions but then turned her status to the unfortunate. Not just ‘once in awhile’ but every chance it seems she gets.
Lastly she’s an actress who is very diverse and doesn’t settle for fluff roles but serious and usually roles that are exciting and noteworthy.
It’d be nice to wake up one morning next to Brad, have my kids climb all over my bed, glance in the mirror, served full breakfast by staff, off to the movie set, jet off to speak at a conference, do some extreme sport, come home and do it all over again the next morning.

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