What is it?

Are you real? Do you feel the way I feel? Could you love, like I love you? Say you care and say you do. Say you’ll stay.

Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Happily Ever After. The End.
It should just be that easy isn’t it? When you find that person who fulfills, amazes and creates happiness within you, it should be that easy, but it isn’t.
I sit and I wonder why.
Is it that when sometimes something is wonderful, you doubt that it could be real?
Is it that when something is so perfect, the fear of losing it elevates to the point where you feel nauseous?
Is it that because you are falling so hard and fast that you create reasons to steady yourself and pull back?
Is it that possibly for the first time in your life you can’t predict the future or know its uncertain that you panic and become lost?
Then  I  just take a deep breath and just remember this is the best thing thats ever happened to me. I should be grateful for every single day I have it and if it happened that the unfortunate comes up, the memories will always be ingrained in my heart & mind.
Just live everyday, one day at a time….

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