Chinese New Year – Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year!

This year we will be celebrating the Rabbit & lucky for me, this is my year!
Because I was born in the year 1987, this makes me a Fire Rabbit.

Rabbit overview:
Fire rabbits are polite and brilliant. Known for their soft nature and intellectual bend of mind these people are the luckiest of all zodiac signs. Natural beauty and power pull them on both sides and they search out for the best option. Fire rabbits are pleasant to be around and hardly ever lose their temper. Unlike other rabbits, they are not quiet and silent people. People of this Chinese horoscope are complete extroverts and natural leaders. Charming and natural, he enjoys socializing, and easily hides his hurts and disappointments discreetly. Highly sensitive, they could also become moody and neurotic when things don’t go their way.  Capable of meeting every challenge of life, they climb new horizons and live quite a versatile life. They make excellent lovers who pamper their partners with candle light dinners, hugs and undying love and support for the entire life.
Good traits: Virtuous, well-mannered, witty & peace-loving
Bad traits: Lazy, self-indulgent, over sensitive & repressive
For a more in-depth and fun read on the Rabbit Zodiac:

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