Dine Out 2011- Aqua Riva

Song Playing: All I Want-Erin Prestileo ft Casely
Most of you know my love for food already & if you didn’t know – I love food.
Being at the age that I am, my motto is usually quantity > quality.
Not to say that the tide hasn’t been changing lately, I mean how much of the mediocre food can I really take?
Every year when Dine Out is announced, I get super ecstatic, only because
a) I get to dress up
b) I dine with my favourite people
c)  I taste high quality food in a wonderful environment
Dine Out out has been improving their service only because they now have advance reservation bookings and has extended their promotion to nearly two weeks.
This year we had chosen to dine at Aqua Riva which overlooked the waters by Waterfront. To accommodate a group our size we had to reserve for the weekday.  The price point was $28.
I admit the entrance could be more user-friendly but the staff was dressed professionally and greeted us in a timely manner. As we sat I was disappointed that some parts of the restaurants had pillars that obstructed the views of the water. Upon being seated I noticed that the table cloths were hidden underneath recycled paper. Being baffled because I’ve only seen this in restaurants such as Montanna’s were drawing on the table was a novelty appeal but I wouldn’t have expected this from a higher end restaurant. We questioned our server asking if this was only the case for Dine Out but she said they did this all year round.
We were served warm bread which was very impressive because it had four sensational choices all displayed in a beautiful basket with a side of butter and salsa.
My appetizer was a salmon salad and I was very delighted with the portion and quality. The salmon was cooked beautifully and there was just enough dressing in the salad without finding it overpowering.
The entrée came in a timely manner; I had the rib eye steak with seasonal vegetables. It was a very generous size and the seasoning was done well on the vegetables to make it enjoyable that I finished it clean.
To cap the dinner we had a banana mousse cake that came in a gorgeous presentation. The cake I was surprised it was a simple recipe that had a vamped up look yet I expected a better tasting dessert.

Overall, I conclude that the dine out was successful. I didn’t feel that the server serviced us any less due to the fact that we here on a special discount and I felt I had gotten my monies worth.
On another note, although this was a good experience, I doubt I would return only because parking would be expensive and the water view is a bit industrial.

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