Sun Run 2011

I wish I could say that I’ve been neglecting my daily blog challenges because I’ve been training for the Sun Run but the truth is today was only the first training session.

A few weeks ago, I won 2 free Sun Run registrations courtesy of QMFM 103.5. The prize included registration to the run, 13 weeks of InTraining clinics and swag! This was retailed at $139 pp plus HST so I was very grateful that  I won this prize.

I’ve done the run with my school and with a corporate team but never as an individual. As well I never bothered to train so Iam not sure what my true running potential could reach. This year I am aiming for 1hr 20mins.

They offer over 50 clinics all over the lower mainland and we chose Sunbury Hall in Delta. The clinic stats at 6pm and if you are on time you get a ticket that goes into a draw. I won todays prize of running socks and a reflector light! Hooray.
The training is divided into 3 teams, Walkers, Moderate Runners & Runners.
I use to see people running in herds on the strret and think, ‘that’s cool’, and now I can say I am one of those people.
It was a warm night and luckily no rain. The training was well paced and we shall see if I have any soreness from tomorrow.
They’ve provided us with log books to keep track of our progress which I think will see vast improvement in the weeks to come.
Here is a silly picture that I took of my boyfriend and I. This is indeed special because you can see hi sexy leg and you rarely catch me in runners :p

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