Day 5

Day 5 – A picture of your favourite memory



Visualize waking up to a gorgeous summer day in Vancouver with the sun shining and the temperature warming your skin.
You have plans today with your wonderful family to Capilano Suspension Bridge courtesy of QMFM 103.5 because you won tickets on the radio.
You put on the shirt you bought yesterday at the Michael Buble concert and revel in the fact that you saw him LIVE and was only 9 rows away from him.
My uncle picks me up and my aunt hands out viet subs for everyone to munch on, (crazy yum!) and off we go to enjoy one of the most popular tourist sites of BC.
Akina, Bella & I get a tree tour from a nice Australian young man who lets us eat some of the edible leaves. As we walk around we get silly and play dress up to take this picture.
This picture is so fun and says a lot. Family is important and as the generation gaps get bigger we have to find time to be with each other more often.
Of course we took countless pictures that day but this one is the best. Finished the day with a delicious bbq and nothing can beat that.

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