30 day challenge, Day 1

I’ve come across a challenge that one of my friends were doing on Facebook and I have decided to do a blog version of it.
It’s quite simple, basically posting things about your life. I am attracted to  the simplicity and reflecting it seems to provide.
Here we go.


Day 1 – About me.
Born as a Taurus and the year of the rabbit. I was raised in Vancouver and later moved to Surrey.

I am fortunate both my parents are still together and they have blessed me with a younger sister and a beautiful dog.

I am Cantonese, Chinese but I often get mistaken for Vietnamese, Cambodian or Filipino.

As a youngin’, I had ambitions of being a lawyer or news anchor but as of the present I will be embarking in the field of Marketing.

To have that formality out-of-the-way, let me divulge some more personal things.

  • My favourite colours are purple and green.
  •  90% of my closet is filled with black clothing.
  • Sleeping, chocolate, ketchup chips and cheese is my indulgences.
  • I don’t really drink much alcohol due to the fact its expensive and I don’t enjoy puking.
  • My nose is super sensitive so I can’t be around smokers much or baby poo.
  • My worse flaw: I am working on is my love for Salt. I can never have “too” much. So far what I’ve been doing to resolve this is to squeeze lemon on all my food.
  • Sour > Sweet.
  • I really hate exercising and can’t fathom why people do it so I try to pack activities in my lifestyle so that I can trick myself into being active. Smart right?
  • I am not really the best driver as I get lost easily but the important thing is I try and still accident free!
  • I am notorious for talking too much or always having an opinion but I equally listen and have an open mind.
  • Books are vital in my life and if I didn’t have them I probably wouldn’t be fulfilled
  • When I sleep, I curl up in a ball womb style.
  •  I’ve only been in love once so far in my life but it looks like a second time is coming up fast.
  • My biggest fear is dying without living.
  • The only rule I apply to my friends and family is to give as much as you get.
  • Sometimes I can be an ice queen but only cause I am looking out for me when the truth is I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve.

Oh and of course, I think blogging is fun too.

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