5 golden rings!

On the 5th day before Christmas my true love sent to me, FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!

That seems to be the only line I can remember in that carol that is fun to sing out loud. Well the countdown is nearing to an end, 5 more days till Christmas.
Christmas seems to always be a special and stressful at the same time. I can’t think of any time of the year where people come together to show their appreciation and love for one another more than now.
Somehow as I get older, my gift giving list gets longer and longer but now they contain more children than before which is beautiful.
The visuals that surround me are stunning. Nothing puts in more holiday cheer than twinkling lights, Christmas mascots and lavish flowers.
At work I’ve been bombarded with endless sweets; I am not complaining seeing as this is the only time you can really eat a Ferrero Rocher (or 5) without feeling super guilty afterwards.
Shopping wise, I’ve grown to become a last-minute shopper. This is only because I notice closer to this time, sales are popping up and pre-wrapped bundle gifts are put out.  The bustle of the shopping malls provide good energy and you can’t help but be swept up with it.  
Whenever I pass the volunteers who do gift wrapping, I still make a mental note to do that next year. -.-
I know a lot of people have been purchasing Gift Cards lately because really it is the most practical gift but I can not stress how impersonal it is. It is almost shouting, “I don’t know you, so here is some money and hopefully you know what you want!” If you really feel a gift card is adamant pair it with a small gag gift OR purchase a gift with a gift receipt. One of the best things about Christmas is unwrapping presents!
Then of course there’s the snow. We don’t always love it due to inconvenience it causes for our commute but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without it. Fingers crossed!
Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!
Oh and one more thing, if you insist on getting Christmas Cards, make sure you write something meaningful inside instead of the old To and From. Why waste paper for that?!


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