Entertainment Book 2011

I strive to try to find new and fun activities without breaking the bank but its often a struggle.
Lately lots of websites have popped up such as GroupOn, SocialShopper or Dealfind to allow us to try products and services at a seriously reduced price.
The flaw with this being that you never know if the deal the next day will be even better or if you should hold back from an activity and wait for the sale.
Cue in the Entertainment Book.
Normally I would purchase the book from students who were fundraising but as the years passed by I realized I didnt utilize it as much as I should’ve.
At $50 per book it seemed a bit pricey even though you probably save that much after using a few coupons.
BUT, this week only they are selling the 2011 books at $19.99 + free shipping!
By using 1 coupon, youve already gained back the money you spent. For example, Splashdown, buy 1 get 1 free admission. Admission already being $18 per person!
It’s a great way to get out of your routine and have an excuse to try a new restaurant or activity.
Purchase for youself or for a friend for Christmas. They’ll be able to use it all year round!
Don’t delay, get yours today: http://www.entertainment.com/discount/home.shtml?cm_mmc=Google-_-Brand%20Book-Exact-_-Entertainment%20Book-Exact-_-entertainment%20book&cm_mmca1=17163276&LinkName=GOOGLE

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