Take it from Bob Barker

t’s a typical rainy breezy day in Vancouver.

You are walking down the street and you stop when you notice a stranger staring at you. He smiles and you get a tingling sensation in your stomach. You smile back.  Just as you feel the loneliness start to ebb, the stranger walks away. It goes dark & you are alone again.

This is the feeling of the homeless Dogs & Cats in our continent, the number being over 3 million. If some are, I will use the word lucky in great distaste, they are euthanized, others either starve, are shot or the worst, end up being road kill.
These domestic animals who cannot speak for themselves deserve a home & they need our help.

How can you help?

Firstly, if you ever decide to become a care taker of a dog or cat, make sure you have it neutered.  Truth is if you get them spayed before 1 year they will hardly feel or remember anything. The procedure on average is about $100 but if money is a problem there are clinics that offer lower costs to those who need financial aid.
This prevents unwanted pregnancies if your pet should ever stray which brings me to my next point to keep your pets leashed. Keeping your pet supervised or in a secure area will prevent it from getting diseases, infections and most importantly mating.
Secondly, if you decide to become an owner to breed and sell your pet’s offspring, please do so in a responsible manner.
In 6 years a female dog & her offspring can produce up to an average of, are you ready?,  67,000 puppies! For every 4 puppies born, realistically only 1 finds a happy home. Similarly, female cats and her offspring can produce 420,00 in 7 years. Staggering!
Lastly, why not consider adopting a pet? Older pets provide many benefits such as being trained already, adjusting to your lifestyle  and are more affectionate due to that they’ve been neglected for a period of time.

If you are reading this and is not a pet lover but would like to help, you can. You can educate those around you about the importance of neutering a pet. You can volunteer your time at the shelter, they are always in need for volunteers due to the demand of so many animals that are sent there. If time is not yours to spare, try to donate money for their upkeep or food and toys.

Take Dexter,  who is usually friendly and outgoing but happens to be abandoned by his family due to the fact they had to move and can no longer care for him. He roams the streets, hungry, frustrated and delusional. If he spots children playing in the yard, he would normally be bashful but seeing as he is not himself, he might just bite them. This puts our children in danger as well. A situation that could have been entirely preventable.

As Bob Barker, former Price is Right host, says “Help control the pet population, have your pet spayed or neutered”.

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