Miss Coastal Vancouver 2010 Pageant

After the Miss BC Pageant in July, I received an invitation to participate in the Miss Coastal Vancouver 2010 Pageant.
Just having had such a wonderful weekend experience at Miss BC, I decided it would be nice to be looking forward to another pageant in November again.
Yet this time I wanted to involve one my closest cousins, we will call her A.
As in an older post in July, you will know I encourage all ladies to participate in Canadian pageants because it builds such great friendships, bonds, self-esteem and courage.
This pageant was run by directors Lynn, Betty & Trish (www.katwalkphotography.com) who were supportive and fun throughout with the many inquiries and questions we had. I had a chance to meet Trish when I was asked to be a judge at her Spooks & Sparkles pageant for ages 0-13. I got a chance to see firsthand how professional and fun her pageants were.
We had a choice to raise for two charity platforms, O.W.L & the BC Autism Society. The fundraiser A & I collaborated on was the MegaMind Movie Fundraiser. There’s this quaint movie theater in Cloverdale called Clova Cinema. For $100 you can rent out the theater and have a movie showing of your choice and invite as many people to fill up the theater! If the audience brings their own bowl, the theater will fill it up with popcorn for only $2.50! It was a very succesful and fun event.
Leading up to the event we had a complimentary photo shoot with Trish where some of the girls got a chance to meet one another. Every girl was awesome! Here are some of the pictures: www.misscoastalvancouver.com. It was fun; we did one in all white where it was very natural and one in vixen black with fun top hat props and siren red lipstick.
The pageant itself consisted of the criteria judged in 3 outfits – Professional, Sport & Evening and as well a conducted interview.
The night of the pageant it was very rainy and wet but we still had a great turnout at the North Delta Seaquam theater.
As usual the night pasts in a blur and before you know it, its over!
My cousin A, bless her heart, won the title for Miss Charity for BC Autism Society! She raised over $1300!
As for myself, I got the title of 4th runner up!
I was happy that my Grandma had a chance to come & see both her granddaughters win a title.
All the ladies recieved a memership to Steve Nash’s fitness club, a pair of sterling earrings among lots of other great gifts.
It was such a great time and I really do recommend pageants to females. In fact Miss BC is now accepting applications for 2011. To apply visit: www.missbc.ca


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