2 thou. 5

As I go through my winter clothing, I pull out my Talula bomber jacket that I purchased 5 years ago. I smile. This was so “in” back then! The boys with their NorthFace and the girls with the fur trim hoodie, slim fit & with lots of hidden pockets. In one of those pockets lo and behold, I find my Grade 12 Go Card. Yup blonde hair was also very in. So it got me thinking, what else was “in”? Here were a list of things I could rummage up in my rusty mind because you know its been at least 5 years since high school right? =]
• Before Facebook, in highschool we used AsianAvenue, Apt107, Xkube & VancouverXchange
• Smartphones & Blackberries were just for the corporate people, we had Nokia phones with Snake on it
• Wordpress or Blogspot? Nope just Xanga!
• Groupon or Dealfind? The only coupons we got were in the Yellowpages or Entertianment Book
•  MSN Messenger made an appearance but loads of people were still hooked on ICQ (eh oh) & AOL
• I didn’t and still don’t know much about Torrent but I was an expert during the Napster and Limewire days
• I don’t know where people upload photos nowadays but I use to use BoomSpeed, Homestead & Photobucket
• Digital cameras are in now but webcams were the thing! Before webcam? Card pictures! Before Card pictures? STICKER pictures. Yup. But I really do miss the strip photo booth pictures. $4 for 4 pictures.
•  How come no one uses Gel Pens anymore? They are bright and sparkly. Oh wait yes note writing had died replaced by insane texting
• I don’t want to think about a life before my GPS so I wont…but I guess people used maps?? *mortified*
• Everyone I knew seem to smoke weed, I hardly know anyone that does it nowadays which also led to raves but now has been replaced by hardcore drinking + clubbing

Times sure evolved and I know there’s a gazillion more but its nice to know there was a time when things were  much  more simple. I mean geez look at the Go Card, what can get more simple than that?

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