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This week I made an appointment with my nail salon to receive a new set.
Now there is  a lot of mixed feeling about Acrylic nails:
In short, Acrylic nails: An extension for natural nails. They are tips that are glued on to your nail and then applied with Acrylic polymer powder to aid in setting them.
That is the basic when I first started getting them done about 5 years ago. Nowadays it has blown into a huge trend where unofficially I see about 7/10 women sporting AN.
A lot of people deem it to be too “fake” looking and are quick to make assumptions about those who sport them.
I can point out the same can be said about faux eyelashes, general makeup or hair dye. all those  are unnatural yet enhance our appearance.
Having AN can conceal problems for those who suffer from nail-biting, damaged or weak nails.
It is also good for those who like to have a set shape whether it be square, round, oval, etc.

As AN have evolved, consumers can now request for “Gel” nails which is a higher quality powder that allows the product it to be shinier and to be more durable for longer.
If you would like to take it a step further, they also have “Solar” nails that look/feel most natural and for those who tan will not change colours.
Many consumers, like myself, had only requested the classic french manicure (white tip) in the beginning but eventually branched out and experienced the wonderful tool of Air Brushing.
Air Brushing allows your world to open up with colours and designs. It is done with stencils and is limitless to what you can create.
Many people ask me how I perform any sort of tasks with my nails, I am stumped at the question. These nails are more durable than my real ones by tenfold and there is zero maintenance to them. With my “real” nails, I’d be shaping, cutting andcleaning them daily!
Of course there is a price to be paid for all this prettiness and after my countless visits to many nail salons, here is what I found the prices to be on average:

New set: $30
Fill: $25
Gel top: $8
Air Brush design: $15
Removal: $15

Yes I know that sounds a bit pricey but think about what you spend on a dinner out one night or perhaps 5 lattes during your week. Sacrifices need to be made.
A new set will last you about 3-4 months and you will have to go for a fill about every 4 weeks. This is a lifestyle when you decide to take it on. Some ladies get it done for special occasions but find they cannot deal with the upkeep. The most useful advice I can give you is not to take them off by yourself! There are complaints about how it damages your real nails after they are taken off but that is only if you decide to rip them off yourself  in gosh knows what manners. If you had them done professionally, wouldn’t it be most logical to have them removed the same way? You wouldn’t try to fix your car yourself, so do not try to take off your nails by yourself.
I allow myself 3 months of a year where I take them off completely and even though its unnecessary I feel it does me good.

When I returned for my appointment this week  I got a nice chorus of “welcome back” because like with your hair or facial salons, these are people you will be seeing every 3 weeks and spending at least an hour with them chatting and holding hands. You become fast acquainted and this is why its important you find a salon that provides quality and great service.

To have a good experience, only visit salons recommended by friends or colleagues, as well request for technicians who have been with the company longer.

I recommend: Beauty Nails in Surrey, BC across Guildford London Drugs.  604-580-3990
Trust me, I’ve been to farrrr too many and this is the gem I’ve found and will stay loyal to, make appointments as they are highly popular.
Happy nail pampering!


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