This was the result of our pumpkin carving efforts last weekend.
L-R: Raven face, Jack O Lantern, Jack Sparrow & Evil Winnie the Pooh
Halloween does not really hold a candle for me much compared to all the holidays I enjoy but as I grow older I find myself enjoying it more. My peers are getting into the spirit by coming up with creative costumes and instead of a 1 day affair, it seems the weeks leading up to the day are pretty fantastic as well. I drove past several houses that have been decorated like your worst nightmare. When I was younger I believe I was a fairy, princess or witch for the first 10 years. I think this was my parents’ way of not having to be creative. At first I went out with my pillowcase and then graduated to a garbage bag. I vividly remember it being so full one block before I got home it tore and candy galore on the sidewalk. As pumpkin carvings go, what use to be the a simple face now has turned into intricate patterns that creates oohs and aahs. Trick or treating is the best as its the one time where people use the honour system and open your doors to strangers and recieving candy (sometimes even baseball cards!) and counting it all when you get home (after your parents finish inspecting it of course). I was never one for fireworks much, too many scary stories of blowing up my hand but I’d love to see it. 
So where does the origin of Halloween begin? Here is the short of it from Google:
” Halloween is on October 31st, the last day of the Celtic calendar. It was originally a pagan holiday, honoring the dead. Halloween was referred to as All Hallows Eve and dates back to over 2000 years ago.
All Hallows Eve is the evening before All Saints Day, which was created by Christians to convert pagans, and is celebrated on November 1st. The Catholic church honored saints on this designated day”

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