A plan

I remember early on in school a lot of assement tests would have questions like,
“Please state your goal or end result” or ” Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”
I never took these questions seriously as I am firm believer in go with the flow.
Yet at the age of 23, it has dawned on me that  I need to know the answer.
Well I recently just came to the conclusion that if you figure out your goal you can adjust your feelings and  circumstances to achieve that goal. If you dont know where you are heading you will just be confused most of the time.
You have to decide right from the beginning what it is you want out of the situation and be consistent about it otherwise you’d create a headache for yourself.
For example, if I chose to lease a car instead of owning one, my mentality of taking care of the car would be far less than if I were the owner of it. I would already be thinking of other cars I may like to lease/purchase instead of thinking of my car as a investment long term.
The decision I make on my goal molds my mentality so I know what to expect and what not to.
If you don’t get this, it’s okay. But I am just finally working this out in my head after all these years and going OOH. AHH.

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