I am awake and it is past my bed time. Lately I feel I’ve been just go go go that I haven’t had time to put my thoughts straight.
Monday- Work + School (Effective Communications class)
Tuesday- Work + School (Effective Public Speaking class)
Wednesday- Work + Ballroom dancing class|
Thursday- Work + Dodgeball
This leaves me Friday, Saturday & Sunday which I spend out trying to maintain a social life which brings me to why I need to just relax and enjoy being in my bed before crashing.

– I’ve been trying to call the Beat every morning at 810am for their Trip a Day for 2 to Los Cabos give away. You should try too, they give it to the 94th caller.
– My screen protector for my Iphone4 finally came in and when it was placed on…I have the urge to scratch it with a key just to see if it works
– Accompanied Bella to Chuck E Cheese and got to relive my childhood, still thrilled to see those tickets spewing out
– Really feeling Lil Waynes new song, With You featuring Drake
– Learned the Rumba and started the Waltz. Quote from my partner, “I hate the Fox Trot”
– Agreed to return to my part time job at BCIT, which eliminates Sundays for free time
– Watched “The Social Network” and have a new appreciation for Facebook
– Had the Butter Beef at Phlegm as I call it in Chinatown, now that has moved to my #1 favourite dish of all time
– Developed  a huge fear of Bed Bugs after reading the increasing rapid rate of their population
– Was invited to a golf tournament to which we were named the Worst Team
– Is a bit confused lately

I’ll leave you with this: October 07 you can purchase large fries at McDonalds using Monopoly money as they celebrate the return of their Monopoly board game. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Fill-in

  1. U updated it! haha just thought I’d drop u a haven’t said that since the good old AA days LOL!

    and umm..2 things, “the fox trot is the worst thing ever” and isn’t “Phlegm” the stuff you cough out?! haha

    I’ll just leave you with that =)

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